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Kirk Douglas visits High Schoolers

Kirk Douglas talks to kids at the Kirk Douglas school

The oldest Myspacer, Kirk Douglas, is at it again…. This time, he’s blogging about visiting Kirk Douglas High School, and the kids that are there.

I don’t know why a living icon, like Kirk Douglas, blogging makes me so happy, but it does. :-)

May 8, 2009 – Friday

Kirk Douglas High School
Current mood: inspired
A few weeks ago, I made a visit to the Kirk Douglas High School. I am proud that they asked to name their school after me. One of my pet projects is to try to inspire young people to at least have a high school education. Then, I try to encourage them to go to college. As a small inducement I give every graduate a $500.00 check. When I spoke to the students I was surprised that they each gave me their personal pledge of what they wanted to do in life to improve our world: from volunteering in hospitals and local schools, to supporting our troops by sending letters and care packages. One student has agreed to help the elderly by volunteering at a convalescent center (I wonder if I inspired him :)

I am proud of the students of Kirk Douglas High School.

MySpace came along to tape the visit. Click below if you would like to see the video.

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