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Kirk Douglas blogs


Hollywood Icon Kirk Douglas, has his own blog on MySpace.  That’s right.  Spartacus, is on Myspace!

And in light of the changes happening, he had this to say….

American Revolution
Current mood:  excited

This is the period of another American Revolution.  The world is in a mess, we all have to work together to untangle it.  For the first time, we have an African-American president.  For the first time, the younger generation is showing an interest in politics.  We must encourage the younger generation to preserve the interest in playing a part in solving our problems.

We have to count more on young people because the older people have not done a good job.  At least, the older generations should make an effort to help the young with the burden that will be placed upon them.

I have great faith in the young.  Due to my activities on MySpace I appreciate the many friendships I have formed with people from different parts of the world.  Now, technology has brought about a tremendous change in everything.  It forces us to avoid greed and start caring for others.  Now it’s not just one country, it’s global, so we must all play a part.

Am I the only one excited that Kirk Douglas uses Emoticons?

Bauer Griffin

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