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Kim Cattrall has totally made it

kim cattrall harrods opening 2008 giant teddy bear

Native Brit (she’s from Liverpool you know!) Kim Cattrall received the high honor, no really it is!, of kicking off Harrod’s Summer Sale! Those crazy Brits. Kim started off the sale by being rode in with a horse drawn carriage! She then toured the store with Harrod’s owner Mohamed al Fayed.

She said of today’s engagement: “I’ve been a faithful Harrods shopper since I got my first credit card. As a Brit, it’s a real thrill for me to open the sale at one of the UK’s national institutions. I was so delighted that they asked me to participate.”

I have no idea what the GIANT Teddy bear is part of. But who wouldn’t want to just climb up on that thing and take a nap? After the whirl wind year Kim has had, I’d expect her to snuggle up to it, secretly wondering Can life get any better than right now? In the arms of a bear? I think not Kim… You’ve reached the top ;-)

Or maybe it’s the free Cartier jewelry. But I’d go with the bear.

kim cattrall Mohamed al Fayed harrods summer sale 2008 pic 3 Mohamed al Fayed kim cattrall harrods summer sale 2008 pic 2


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