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Kim Catrall on Her New life, and Man

Kim Catrall known as Samantha on Sex and the City, has been quite busy since the series ended years ago.

In 2005 she starred in a West End revival of the stage play, Whose Life Is it Anyway; and, more recently, in David Mamet’s play The Cryptogram at London’s Donmar Warehouse. She spent last summer in Dublin filming the ITV drama My Boy Jack, based on the real life story of Rudyard Kipling, in which she plays his wife Carrie.

But what most people are interested in is her new relationship, with a man 23 years younger than she is, Canadian chef Alan Wyse. Not too shabby, and so Demi of her! Or should I say, it echoes more of her SATC character Samantha…

“When Alan and I first got together three years ago I was a little embarrassed about how close to the storyline it seemed. I was dating men closer to my own age and I thought that Alan would just be a nice little interlude in my life.

But he kept calling and pursuing me. And, you know what, I’m not complaining. I’ve discovered that it’s really interesting to be with a man of another generation because he has different ways of looking at the world. Plus, irrespective of his age, Alan has a lot of wisdom that comes from just being him.”

Good for her! In her work, and in life.

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