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Kevin Spacey Is a Force in London

Congratulations are in order for actor, Kevin Spacey.  The “Men Who Stare At Goats” star has been recognized as one of the top forces in British Theatre.

Spacey took over the running of London’s Old Vic Theatre  in 2003.  And his excitement and passion for his work ranked him at number 10 in the Stage 100.

Stage editor Brian Attwood said: “The Stage 100 always provides a unique insight into the changing face of the British theatre scene. It is notable that the proportion of female and new entrants in the Top 20 has markedly increased this year, to levels not seen since the nineties.

“Also, this year’s highest placed entrant, David Ian, is only the second representative of a company based ultimately outside the United Kingdom ever to win first place. This reflects the fact that, while this country remains the home of theatre, live drama is developing into a genuinely global industry.”

Congratulations to Kevin!

Images by Bauer Griffin

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