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Kevin Spacey Gives The Best (Bleeped) Golden Globes Speech WATCH

Kevin Spacey House of Cards for Netflix.

Last night the Golden Globes took over the TV and social media. One of the few interesting moments of the night, aside from Ricky Gervais smashing the Hollywood elite, was Kevin Spacey finally getting his first ever Golden Globe. FIRST! The man has Oscars, and he received his first Golden Globe for Best Actor in A Drama Series for his portrayal of politico Frank Underwood in House of Cards. And he accepted it in true Kevin Spacey style: with a big ole F bomb.

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Not surprisingly, Kevin Spacey won this year’s Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama for his stellar work on House of Cards on Sunday night… But he also won another award, one that we’re handing out: that of Biggest Boss at the Golden Globes. How did he do it? Firstly, he went up to the stage holding a stiff drink in his hand. Secondly, he kicked off his speech in a distinctly Frank Underwood–ian tone by saying, “This is just the beginning of my revenge.” Then he said, “I cannot fucking believe I won,” a curse that became even cooler when NBC bleeped it out.

But Spacey capped it off nicely by veering into “sincere” territory, offering up a touching anecdote about how he felt about receiving this award, which you can watch above. [Esquire]

Spacey has a way of adding humor with moving moments and last night’s speech was a perfect example of that ability. Congratulations to Kevin and I hope that this is just the start of even more fabulous things to come for him.

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