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Kevin Knew Before BRITNEY!!

Kevin Federline learned about jamie lynn spears pregnant before britney spears

Oh Dear… this is not going to be good.

It seems that Kevin Federline knew that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant BEFORE her sister, Britney Spears. Uhoh.

“Kevin knew before Britney that Jamie Lynn is pregnant,” a Federline family insider told “In fact, Britney’s [somewhat estranged] mom Lynne, [who has become tight with Kevin in the wake of her troubles with her daughter and grandchildren], told Kevin about it on Monday, [December 17], because Lynne wanted Kevin to be prepared when Britney found out.”

But, I don’t disagree with them telling Kevin considering Britney’s state of mind. But they should have told Britney before they told OK! Magazine.

I’m just sayin’

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