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Kenny Chesney Cleared for tour

kenny chesney

Whew! Thank goodness! Robin Mead must be resting easy. Squinty eyed Country singer, Kenny Chesney has been cleared to return to his tour. He was examined by the sports medicine Doctor for the Tennessee Titans as well as his own Orthopedist.

“Dr. Elrod got that the last thing I want to do is cancel shows, but also that I don’t want any kind of lasting damage … because being able to hit that stage and really rock the fans is important to me,” Chesney said. “He told me it’s going to hurt – though nothing could hurt worse than Saturday I don’t think – and they can give me something to deaden the pain when I get out there.”

Chesney had injured his foot when it was pinned between an elevator and the stage during a concert in Columbia, South Carolina on Monday. YIKES!


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