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Kendra Wilkinson on HIMYM

Youngest Girl Next Door, and newly fianced, Kendra Wilkinson will be making a cameo on How I Met Your Mother! Wow, is this the new it show to be on? Well, this and 30 Rock….

Anyways, Kendra will be on the same show as Heidi and Spencer. And yes, Kendra will be playing a version on herself.

Wilkinson, 23, will play a magazine cover-version of herself. Marshall (Jason Segel) will happen upon her as he searches for a place to read while working.

Hmmm… I’m almost tempted to watch it. I wasn’t too impressed with the show itself when Britney Spears was on (but she was good as the terribly nervous and crazy). But I love the Girls Next Door, so I’ll Tivo it.

What do you think? Will you be watching Kendra, Heidi and Spencer on HIMYM??


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