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Kendra and Family film


The soon to be married Kendra Wilkison, was out and about filming her new show for E! with fiance (and baby daddy) Hank Baskett in Sherman Oaks, CA yesterday. Kendra’s looking a little tired. Must be all the filming, organizing the wedding, and being preggers.

If you’re thinking, those other people with her look familiar, that’s because it’s her family!

Kendra’s mom (Patty), grandma (Mary), and brother (Colin) all joined her and Hank as they went for a shopping trip at SY Devore. I LOVE Kendra’s family. Her mom had that complete overhaul on the Girls Next Door a couple of years ago, and then showed it off at a party at the Playboy Mansion, her brother got a bunny’s number, and Grandma just tells it like it is.

I wonder how well they get on with Hank’s family?

All the pics after the JUMP!

Bauer Griffin