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Keep a Child Alive, Black Ball


Boy, the stars came out last night to honor Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Bono, at the “Keep a Child Alive” Black Ball in NYC. Who was there? Alicia Keys, Iman, Gwen Stefani, Nemcova, Bono (duh!), and the new mommy Sheryl Crow. :-D

KEEP A CHILD ALIVE is an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic ravaging Africa. With more than 25 million already dead, the disease continues, wiping out whole societies, threatening economic infrastructure and creating tragic devastation in the family structure. Our work makes it possible for children and families to obtain life-saving AIDS drugs and support for survival, where without it, they would die. Keep a Child Alive gives 100%* of donations to our cause.

Click Here to learn more about Keep A Child Alive.

keepachildalivealiciakeysbono.jpg keepachildaliveimanaliciakeys.jpg keepachildalivcherylcrow.jpg keepachildalivesherylcrow.jpg keepachildalivegwenstefani1.jpg keepachildalivegwenstefani2.jpg keepachildalivepetranamcova1.jpg