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Keanu Reeves On Being Snubbed By Hollywood “It Sucks”

Keanu Reeves talks about being snubbed by the big movie companies It Sucks

15 years since the release of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves is still kicking butt on screen. But, main stream movie roles are getting harder and harder to find. What?

While sitting down with INDIEWIRE, Keanu talked about his new movie “John Wick” and being snubbed by the big movie companies after being such a success. FYI “It Sucks”.

You aren’t doing many studio movies these days. “John Wick” was produced independently and acquired later by Lionsgate. Do you have a preference for indies over studio projects?

Not really. The last studio movie I did was “47 Ronin,” but before that it had been a long time – probably “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” So I haven’t been getting many offers from the studios.

Are you OK with that?

No, it sucks, but it’s just the way it is. You can have positive and negative experiences, but what I like about studios are the resources and the worlds that they can create. Obviously, a lot of good filmmakers work on studio movies. Even when I was working on studio movies more often, I was always doing independent movies. So for me, that was just not happening, but I want to keep going, making things, and telling stories. I want to be able to do that – to be an actor, a director, to produce, you know? If we’re going to do a delineation between studio and independent [films], I was always hoping to do both.

I couldn’t believe it when I realized Keanu’s career has been slow in the past decade. I was watching a movie of his on TV the other night and had to look up his filmography. I was shocked that he has not been busier in the past few years. He is one of the few actors I enjoy watching in movies.

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  1. Yeah I like him alot too but cant think of anything recent I’ve seen him in. I think he’s come a long way since Bill andTed :)

  2. I loved me the Matrix movies…oh and of course, Bill and Ted’s!

    He’s had a good go of Hollywood…maybe he should go behind the camera like a lot of “seasoned” actors do – like produce or something. It’s hard to think that he’s OLD!

    :) Anna

  3. Funny enough, I was just thinking about Keanu Reeves the other day. Hollywood — entertainment in general, really — does suck and is so fickle; they ADORE you one season and the next, no one will answer your calls. He’s never been one of my favorite actors but it really is too bad he’s gotten the snub from Hollywood after his Matrix days. I worry a lot about sci-fi actors being able to find work after being on a very visible sci-fi project. It’s so niche that it’s easy to get typecast.

  4. I’m not a big Keanu fan, but it is true that Hollywood eats up talent. And if they manage to typecast you, it becomes really hard to shed the label. I personally think that the most interesting stuff right now is being done for TV, not movies…

  5. I’ve always liked him but I have heard the snub and awful comments about him. I wish there were more movies with him in it. I think he’s still cute too. I do think some really successful actors/actresses reach a point that they just ask for too much. I don’t know if that was a case or something else. I haven’t seen many previews for this movie so will go look now.