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Katie Holmes' Clothing Line

katie holmes suri cruise

Following in the fashion footsteps of her BFF, Posh, Katie Holmes is coming out with her own clothing line. And Victoria Beckham might be able to fit into them!!!

Katie Holmes is teaming up with Armani (FREAKING ARMANI!!) to design a line of BABY CLOTHES. ARMANI BABY CLOTHES?!?!? It’s being called Katie Holmes for Armani. How creative. This is the first time Armani has worked so closely with a Non-Designer.

Of course, Suri is the muse for all of this. OK! says,

“The first clothes will all be things she could imagine Suri wearing.”

The line will roll out over the course of the next two years, starting with a collection aimed at toddlers for spring 2009. A collection for older children will follow that fall, followed by a handbag line and a women’s collection by fall of 2010.

“The Katie Holmes for Armani collection will be comparable in price to the Armani ready-to-wear line,” the source says. “It will be sold in stores like Saks, Barneys New York and Neiman Marcus. We’re talking very upscale: less expensive than Armani PrivĂ© but more than Armani Exchange. These are going to be very high-quality clothes. We’re not talking cheesy Jessica Simpson stuff.

DAMN!!! Why you gotta slam Jessica Simpson like that? I mean, she’s an easy target and I immediately understood the level of quality and the demographic they are going for… Ok, I get it… go ahead and slam away. heehee

So would YOU buy Katie Holmes clothes for YOUR kids? what about the handbags? I hate to say it, but I am VERY interested in seeing her accessories. Not the baby clothes so much. Who would want to pay THAT MUCH on BABY CLOTHES?!?!

Oh that’s right, she’s sitting on mountains of money, and so are her friends… nevermind.

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