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Kathy Griffin would give her mother for 3rd Emmy VIDEO


Two time Emmy winner Kathy Griffin, has come clean about her little problem, she wants a third Emmy, and bad! She’d even trade her mother, box wine loving Maggie, for it! She sat down with Gold Derby and had a little video chat about it!

“I want a third Emmy in the way most people want the stock market to rebound or Angelina Jolie wants one more kid. I have an Emmy-winning disorder, which I’m very open about. I want to win a third Emmy, and I want to wrestle it out of the dead hands of Ty Pennington. I’m sorry. I know he helps people. I’m sorry.”

“I am willing to trade one family member each year I win an Emmy. Now I’m going to go out on a limb here because all know that the real reason people watch ‘My Life on the D-List’ is because of my mother and no offense to her … but this year I will trade my mother for a third Emmy. Now I’ve discussed it with her as well as her nurse, and she knows it’s not personal. But I will do whatever it takes, and she and I have an agreement.”

I love Kathy Griffin, and how while she’s always “on” in interviews, she definitely says the things you “shouldn’t” especially for an Emmy winner. I mean, how often do you hear ANYONE saying, yeah, I hope everyone else loses, because I want that award! They always seems to give a caveat of how it is great to just be nominated, or how everyone in the category is so great. NO! She doesn’t care, she wants to win!

More pictures of Little Miss Pretty in London Below! Enjoy


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