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Kathy Griffin Talks The F Word On Craig Ferguson VIDEO

Good grief it MUST be a slow news week if we’re still talking about Kathy Griffin’s oooooops on CNN New Year’s Eve. (YES I am saying that she didn’t intend to say the F word)

Last night on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Kathy called in to talk about whether or not she was really “fired” from CNN.

In the end, Craig and Kathy both swore on HIS show, and none of his questions were really answered. Kathy says she’s been on her best behavior ever since (insert giggle here).

This is all just the STUPIDEST thing I have heard in a long time. But at least I get to talk about Kathy Griffin AND Craig Ferguson in the same post!

Oh, and Kathy is currently filming Law & Order SVU in NYC. Do you think she’s behaving there? (answer-not really)
@KathyGriffin On set, here at SVU. Ugh, can’t decide who I should make my sex tape with? Meloni, Hargitay or Ice T. I’ve had solid offers from all three.

Images by From JackGrayCNN twit pic