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Kathy Griffin is Bettie Page!

Actress/comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a few of these on her Facebook page over a week ago, and I just thought she looked STUNNING! But I didn’t know the context of the photo shoot. Luckily, I found out what was going on from EthanSays!

Mike Ruiz has done it again…transforming the hilarious Kathy Griffin into a pin-up sex kitten. Conceived and and executed as yet another of Ruiz’ celebrity transformations including the likes of Brooke Shields, Lance Bass, Carmen Electra, Morgan Fairchild etc., Ruiz told me, “I like identifying something in people that they may not even be aware of themselves and bring it to the surface. With Kathy, I felt like there was an inner vixen brewing.” Meow!

I think she looks fantastic… I wonder how difficult it was for her to drop the “funny” girl persona and go glamorous and very sexy?

More pics below!

Images via Mike Ruiz’s Facebook