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Kathy Griffin is a Gay man

kathy griffin the advocate 2008

Kathy Griffin is a woman after my own heart. She’s sardonic, sarcastic, and doesn’t care who knows it. In fact, she’s made her career on it going from the D-List to the… is she B list yet?

She is on this month’s THE ADVOCATE with the best cover yet… you can read the whole article here but here’s a tease

My Life on the Gay List
The hardest working woman in showbiz made a career playing to gay men — and in the process became one.


When I arrived at her palatial Los Angeles estate, I was surprised to find that I had only an hour with her before her trainer arrived—plenty of time to conduct your standard celebrity interview—but I’d assumed that once I arrived, my meticulously prepared questions would be thrown by the wayside as we curled up in her bed to watch Dancing With the Stars.