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Kathy Griffin and Paris are BFF!


Oh goodness! This HAS to be for Kathy Griffin’s show, My Life on the D List. Earlier today she let everyone know that she and Paris Hilton were hanging at the pool, and then later, were headed to paparazzi plagued, Robertson Blvd for some shopping at Kitson and Lisa Kline.

And here’s the proof! Holy cow! Paris is totally playing up her “public persona” even stopping by a metal sign to check her reflection. Kathy seems to have picked at least one little bad habit, though, flashing the paps to show her panties matched her new BFF’s outfit.

I can’t believe Kathy’s outfit. It’s so over the top. Ruffles, neon pink, aqua blue, bra straps showing, HUGE sunglasses and a bow in her hair. She’s either cutting edge, or straight out of an 80s bubblegum music video. And I LOVE IT!

I can’t wait until this is on the air!

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1 Comment

  1. Ugh, two attention whores seeking more attention. Wish ppl wouldn’t give it to them.