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Kat Von D: Vampire

kat von d as a vampire for movie

This look seems to suit her. ew. Little Miss Kat Von D has been in Wilmington, North Carolina filming a movie! Guess everyone is getting into the acting biz. As you can tell, she plays a vampire… hmmm yummy.

The hardest part for her?

But I gotta tell ya, I think the hardest part of doing this movie, is trying to play the role of a violent killer. I think I very well may be the most NON violent person I know! We shot this scene where I had to bite this chicks neck and kill her, and then walk away casually, as if I had just peeled an orange or something… and the whole time, I’m thinking in my head, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I hope i didn’t hurt you!”

ah, that’s almost cute… in an icky sort of way.

Here are more pics oh Kat with her new squeeze Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue infamy)


kat von d and nikki sixx kat von d nikki sixx on the beach filming movie kat von d nikki sixx signed window

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