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Kat Von D Pregnancy Info TONIGHT!

Kat Von D opening of Burton Snow Boards pregnant

Everyone’s been asking about the pregnancy rumor goin around. . . . even my own Dad called and asked..

So there’s this rumor that Kat Von D is pregnant. Ah, just one more on the pile. I usually fast forward through the commercials so I had no idea what people were talking about. BUT the teaser for tonight’s episode, Kat’s standing in the shop saying “I’m Pregnant”.

Here’s what KAT has to say about this

I don’t know why they decided to use that scene for the season premiere TONIGHT..but it’ll explain I’m sure.

If you guys get a chance, check it out.. There’s some sick tattoos too!

I love you all, and hope you get stoked on all the new episodes. We all worked super hard on them!

Kat Von D

TONIGHT: LA Ink Season Premiere on TLC, 10pm!