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Kanye West is and EFFING JERK! VMA VIDEO!

So I came home from work tonight, and everyone was atwitter about how Kanye West RUINED the moment for Taylor Swift.

In the first award of the night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift was overcome, and so excited to win Best Female Video for 2009.  Taylor was up against Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

This girl was so happy and excited when she got up to mic.  She was saying she had always wondered what it would be like to win one of these (moonman) and then all hell broke loose!  Kanye “CAPSLOCK” West lost his GD MIND grabbed the mike from poor little Taylor’s hand, and went OFF!  He said that although she did a good video, that BEYONCE did the BEST VIDEO EVER!!

The cut to Beyonce’s face at that moment in time was PRICELESS.  You can see her totally embarassed, and angry about what Kanye was doing to HER and TAYLOR.

WHO DOES THIS A****** THINK HE IS?!?!  You are NOT who you think you are Kanye.  You ARE REPLACEABLE!

And we bloggers and the only ones that think he’s a piece of trash.  Ms. P!NK (who killed her performance of Sober btw) had THIS to say via twitter

Kanye west is the biggest piece of sh*t on earth. Quote me


My heart goes out to taylor swift. She is a sweet and talented girl and deserved her moment. She should know we all love her.

Actor and former Dancing with the Stars standout Gilles Marini even gave his two cents

“How could He be so brainless” yes referring to Your song with a twist . That was so disrespectful mister West. G

Word is that after his poor choice of self promotion… Kanye West was escorted out of the building, and was not allowed to perform at the VMAs as had been planned.

You’re a jerk Kanye, and I hope you know it.

bauer Griffin

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