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Justin Bieber's Booksigning Fashion Don't

Teen sensation, Justin Bieber, took New York by storm yesterday singing copies of his autobiography, First Step 2 Forever, at Barnes and Noble.  People waited OUTSIDE in the FREEZING COLD for over an hour and a half before even being allowed into the store to wait even longer to meet Biebs.  And it must have been pretty darn cold inside B&N too because The Bieb was wearing his mittens to keep his widdle fingehs warm.    Ok, those things are a major fashion don’t.  They’re not even the DKNY texting gloves.  (you can see those here) They’re just fingerless mittens.

And I’m not even going to start about what must be in that book.  Because goodness knows if he can grab it, I saw get that dollar while you can.

More of The Bieb and his not DKNY gloves below.

Images via Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures