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Just a normal evening…


Oh the life of the rich, famous, and uber famous! These two have the most interesting ADD life I have ever seen. They can’t just seem to stay home with some Ben and Jerry’s and watch a rental. No, they go to a fundraiser in the Hamptons… in a helicopter… well duh!

And helicopters make lots of wind. As Angelina found out. You know, that pic of them walking to the helicopter would be even better, if those two other guys weren’t there.

Is Brad still getting dressed in the car?

After Angelina took the kids out to Central Park in New York, she boarded a helicopter with Brad on the West Side to attend a charity dinner in the Hamptons.

spashbrangelina-1.jpg spashbrangelina-2.jpg spashbrangelina-3.jpg spashbrangelina-4.jpg