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July 12th… And No DSC

Today was supposed to be the day that Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw were going to return to San Diego airwaves. Um, yeah. Don’t go looking for them. At least not TODAY.

Yesterday, Dave sent out a message saying that they WILL be back in DAYS not weeks.

It’s going to be a couple more days friends. But I mean, just a couple more. Will you bear with me?

Fans are not super happy, but are willing to wait. After all, it’s been since December 2009, so what’s a few more days, right?

SDRadio has been following this closely and had a few words about today’s non-appearance.

As the days stretched on from Dave’s original post about putting everyone back together and hinting at today, the audience was primed and ready. Last week’s no station announcement was very loud. Behind the scenes skulduggery was the suggested cause.

The facts will be presented by Dave and the crew, and indications from him indicate very, very soon. So don’t scan the dial today, that’s the fact jack! [sdradio]

I know that some fans are going to go over that quote with a fine toothed comb. What exactly does “that’s the fact, jack” allude to? Are they moving to 100.7 Jack FM? Or does SDradio just like the movie Stripes?

Just wait and see my lovelies. We’ll keep you updated.