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Judi Dench Talks ‘Nine’, ‘Cabaret’ on Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

I was so excited when I saw that Dame Judi Dench was going to be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson! She is just absolutely fabulous.

Judi was of course there to promote her new film “Nine”, and she was a great sport with Craig and all of his ribbing. He gave her a hard time the entire interview, asking who she’s had affairs with, including Sean Connery, and if she likes to do drugs.

But my most favorite part, okĀ  there were a few favorite parts, was when she was speaking about her time playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret. She would get sloshed up on Champagne before going on stage. (VIDEO BELOW)

She talks about James Bond’s Daniel Craig, and just how sexy he is. All of which made Craig insanely jealous. I think he might have a bit of a crush on Judi.

And then there was the awkward pause, which she did flawlessly. Such the good sport.

SEE the video of Dame Judi Dench performing in Cabaret below!


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1 Comment

  1. LOVE Craig so much – better than Letterman, Leno and Conan! I’ve always loved Judi too and even more as she shows us how to age so gracefully! Thank for posting this! I’ll be watching Craig more now that I’m on vaca and will be staying up late!

    Ruthie xo