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Judge Remarks Lindsay Lohan Not Too Sick For Court After All.

The cast of Glee apologizes to Lindsay LohanI really hate what Lindsay Lohan’s legal problems are displaying to the rest of the world about California’s F’ed up legal system.

Home slice finally made it to CA after her “lawyer” tried to tell the NEW judge that LL was sick with the flu. (meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan was out on a shopping spree at the time she was supposedly getting “examined” by a doctor)

So basically Lindsay showed up looking like hell in a Chanel dress, with her OMG IS THAT HER MOTHER next to her (looking really haggard there Dina) and her “lawyer” carrying a Louis Vuitton valet with a rabbit’s foot. Really?

TMZ says that Lindsay was “sleepy” but I think she was on pills, or was still drunk from the night before.

Anyway, LL showed up and nothing happened. Nothing. Absolutely freaking nothing.

Judge Stephanie Sautner couldn’t help herself during Lindsay Lohan’s hearing this AM, quipping, “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better” — referring to the fact that she was almost a no-show because her doctor said she had an upper respiratory infection — which apparently didn’t get in the way of her shopping spree last Saturday.

Lindsay reluctantly told the judge in her criminal case she’s down with saying goodbye to longtime lawyer Shawn Holley … and put her fate in the hands of New York attorney Mark Heller, who arrived to court today with a rabbit’s foot on his bag for good luck.

Judge Sautner gave Heller permission to rep Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case and Heller then tried to turn on the charm, telling the judge they had a NYC connection since she was once a Big Apple detective. The judge fired back that flattery would get him nowhere fast.

The judge also laid down the ominous fact — that Lindsay could be found not guilty in the lying case, and her probation in the jewelry case could still be violated since the standard of proof is lower.

The Judge set March 1 as the next hearing.

The only thing these cases have done are demonstrate that nothing will happen to you in California if you break the law. Ever. No matter what you do.

Image via Fame Pictures

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