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Jude Law in Afghanistan


Recently Jude Law, who does work for UNICEF, made a trip to Kabul and Jalalabad, Afghanistan in preparations for marking the 2007 UN International Day of Peace. This is to be one day where everyone lays down their weapons and shows that it can happen. He was also filming a documentary by British director Jeremy Gilley called ‘Peace One Day’.

While there in Kabul, Jude was able to visit with the children of the area and see how they are living. One child, about the age of Jude’s oldest, 9, walked through land mines up to where he was.

As Jude filmed in the war-torn city, the child casually strolled out of a heavily bombed part of the city, dotted with landmines.

“He just wandered out of an area I had been told not to go in,” explains Jude, who is also dad to Iris, six, and Rudy, five.

“I imagined he was about nine years of age but, when I asked him, he didn’t know how old he was.

“I asked him what the word peace meant and he didn’t know that either so I described it to him. He just grinned and said he liked the sound of it.”

It’s nice to see that some of the celebs are doing things to help kids… I really can’t be too snarky about that.

To read more about the children in Afghanistan or Peace One Day, please click on the sources.

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