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Josh “SHAG” Agle Art Opening In Palm Springs 2011

Hey boobears!   I promised to tell you where I went on my little road trip, and here it is!

I jetted off to rainy Palm Springs on Friday for the opening of Josh Agle (SHAG’s) latest works.  It was part of the opening night events for Modernism Week out there.

Shag’s newest pieces titled “Still Life With Cocktails” were all ink and acrylic paint, displaying various types of cocktails.  Shag is best known for his mid-century, colorful party atmosphere paintings.  (LOVE HIM)

As usual when Shag has an opening in Palm Springs, the event was held at M Modern Gallery. Cocktails were flowing, music was playing, and there were prints, books, t-shirts, and even original paintings to buy.  Shag’s 2005 series for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary was also on display.   Which was in stark contrast to the “Autumn’s Come Undone” directly across from it.

If you get a chance to see Shag’s work up close, it is so much more interesting than just on the computer screen.  I have been a fan of his for over a decade now, and though some of his latest works have been a little more dark and less up beat than what he is known for, it is still stirring.  Even if it is a cocktail.

All Photos Via BusyBeeBlogger

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