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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a mean drunk

Oh my favorite type of stories.  Creepy people doing creepy things, and people pretending to be shocked.

Tudors star, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has gotten himself BANNED from United Airlines. BANNED! FOREVER! You have to be a terrible flier for that to happen. I mean, not just smelly and kicking the back of my seat for the entire flight type of rude, but full on assault rude.

It seems JRM has his own special type of rude, and it’s all sorts of wrong. He got blasted, at 7AM, while waiting to fly from NYC to LA, and started throwing around the N-word. Who does he think he is? Snoop?

When airline workers noticed the actor drinking and getting out of control they prevented him from boarding the flight to Los Angeles, a source at the airport told us.

As the incident unfolded, Meyers, growing furious, flung the ‘N’ word, the source told exclusively. He had been drinking vodka and it was before 7 am. It is unclear if the actor was directing the word toward an individual or just spewing it without a specific target.

The Tudors star used the racial slur as he was being informed by the airline that they were not going to allow him to board the plane.

An airline employee confirmed the incident to

I know a lot of ladies, and men, find Jonathan to be oh-my-gawd-hes-so-hot attractive. But he strikes me as a man you don’t want to be associated with. Bad bad things are brewing behind those crazy eyes. And if this story is true, it only confirms my gut feeling.

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