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Johnny Weir Wants to Dance!

Sure, that OTHER skater, Evan Lysacek, might have won the gold, but really, everyone was watching the Olympics  for Johnny Weir. And with all the controversy that followed you KNOW it’s true.

And now, Johnny Weir wants us to know he wants to be the NEXT male figureskater to join Dancing with the Stars. You know, after Lysacek this season. What-ev-ah.

When asked about his competition on the ice joining DWTS, Weir had this to say

“He’s very competitive and he works hard,”

“But I’m really looking forward to Buzz Aldrin. I just feel it’s going to be amazing to watch his transformation from an astronaut to a dancer.”

So what about Johnny? I mean, I know a ton of fans (who also watch his show, Be Good Johnny Weir) who would tune in to that show just for him!

“If they asked me, I’d be there in two minutes,” he said. “I want to learn how to foxtrot.”

But he’s more than hopeful his day will come. “They will,” he said, “have me!”

What CBS SHOULD have done was have BOTH these divas on right after the Olympics. Well, maybe next season. Johnny will still have people that remember him months after the Olympics are over. And you KNOW he’ll have plenty of input on his costume.

More pics of Johnny Weir at the Film’s Independent Spirit Awards below.

Images by Bauer Griffin