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[VIDEO] Johnny Weir Talks Birthdays, Lagerfeld, and Style

I really don’t know how this site turned into a Johnny Weir stan page, but it did.  As we shared with you last week Johnny developing his own book on fashion featuring he death by disco glitter.  And today, we bring you another fashion piece on the Olympian.

On his recent birthday, Weir sat down with Stylecaster and talked about his TV show on Sundance, Be Good Johnny Weir, how the Closet Confessions with come about, and his love of Karl Lagerfeld.

My favorite quotes of the interview?

“People are very afraid of what the world thinks of them. And I am not.”

“I didn’t say instinctively, ‘I need to be different,’ I just felt no need to conform.”

“If I met Barak Obama tomorrow, I would act the same way as if I met Lady Gaga…or was talking with my aunt.”

And that is why we love Johnny Weir.

P.S. How great does he look in those heels? I mean, Really!

If you cannot see the above video, please go here!
Image via Fame Video via StyleCaster