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Johnny Depp says YES to more Pirates

I’m making loooooooots of money y’all! -BusyBeeBlogger

Lickable Celebs Holly Madison Is Too Fat For Las Vegas Peepshow – Huh?

I need my fix Katie Holmes is the New Face of Ann Taylor (Someone Tell Her to Smile)

Seriously OMG How did Ryan Seacrest get so tall?

Why Fame
Is Justin Timberlake Cheating with Scarlett Johansson?

Team Brenda Snooki Gives Joy Behar Free Press…. WHY???

The Star Celeb
From Prada To Nada Movie Trailer

Daily Stab Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Checks Into Rehab… Again.

Hollywood Hiccups Johnny Depp Says Yes to Fifth Pirates of the Caribbean Movie…ug

Hollywood Dame More Proof Kanye West Has A Huge Ego – His Custom Watch

Agent Bed Head Let’s talk about Vince Vaughn

Swanky Celebs OMG!!! Selma Blair is pregnant, TOO!!!

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