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Johan Bruyneel Shaves Bob Roll's Head!


A man of his word, Versus commentator, Bob Roll, let Team Astana coach, Johan Bruyneel shave his head!!! Backstory? One of the Fat Cyclist reporters was saying how commentator and former professional cyclist Bob Roll’s head was looking a little fuzzy, and that he should shave it.

So his people said that he would need a reason, other than his mostly balding head looking like pooh. So a bet was made. If Livestrong would be able to raise $5000 in Bob Roll’s name for cancer research he would shave his head. And guess what happened? The goal was met, and Bob relented.

Also in the pics below, 1. the team Astana truck being dusted for fingerprints following the theft of the now found time trial bikes 2. Trek’s Ben Coates a new Trek Time Trial Bike for Lance Armstrong and 3. Eki staying in shape.

johan-bruyneel-shaving-bob-rolls-head-2 dusting-for-prints-team-astana ben-coates-trek-bike-2 ben-bike eki-pushups-2 eki-pushups-1

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