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Jill Gets some "Work" Done on the next RHONYC [Video]

Jill Fights the Sagging and Aging

Ouch alert! Jill opts out of going under the knife and instead heads for the needles to get keep the aging process from taking over.  As they say, beauty is pain, and with everything Jill is going through, she better look a million bucks when she is done!

The other housewives also want to look their best, but LuAnn does this with a little retail therapy.  LuAnn and her daughter head out on a dress shopping trip, and while it’s supposed to be Victoria’s day, LuAnn can’t help herself when she sees something that she might look good in. Will the focus be back on Victoria and her upcoming birthday party, or will LuAnn leave the boutique with a hot new look instead?

Find out this , Thursday 6/23 @ 10/9c on BRAVO’s The Real Housewives of New York City

Sexy But Not That Sexy

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