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Jessica Simpson is "Ugly" In Price of Beauty VIDEO

Former singer/actress Jessica Simpson is taking on a new project “The Price Of Beauty” that debuted Monday on VH1. The show is being marketed in this way: Jessica Simpson travels around the world to see what women do in the name of beauty in all of their unique cultures.

Unfortunately, it seems that the show is not getting good reviews, and from what I have seen of it already, I have to agree with them. Jessica brings her friends, Cacee Cobb and hair stylist Ken Paves, around the world where she screams, makes rude comments, and laughs at inappropriate times.

The Washington Post sums it up best by calling the three of them the “Ugly Americans”. ug.

At best, “The Price of Beauty” reminds you of the most clueless of ugly Americans who are sometimes seen in “The Amazing Race,” barking in Spanish (“muy rapido!”) to cabdrivers in Mozambique; Simpson’s naivete about the world beyond her own crosses a line from mildly clueless to patently offensive. What’s striking about this show is that Simpson, nearing 30, has apparently done little in the way of maturing or learning since the buffalo-wing days. Even if it’s all a dim-bulb act, it’s a tired act, and if we’re talking about real beauty, this sort of ignorance looks unattractive on a woman her age. [Washington Post]

I am still going to give this trainwreck of a show a few episodes. I know it’s going to be painful watching Jessica and her entourage pretend to give a crap about other people all while trying to convince us she’s still relevant.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Video from VH1 photo via Fame

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