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Jessica Simpson Goes To Jail…

jessica simpson open mouth

The sometimes singer, Jessica Simpson was at a West Hollywood jail last night. No she wasn’t strutter her too tight daisy dukes on the Blvd looking for a good time, Ms. Simpson was there to bail out a friend. Her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, was picked up for being druuuuunnnnkkkkkk in public.

Simpson was ready to pay her $250 bail, until deputies told her
“she (Phillips) was too drunk to go home and needed to stay at the Sheriff’s jail until she sobers up.” So Jessica left the scene.

Phillips — who has worked for Jessica in the past — was arrested at 1:30am (PST) for allegedly being drunk in public at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

She was TOO DRUNK TO GO HOME!!?? How drunk to you have to be in WEST HOLLYWOOD to get arrested?

Oh and if any of you get soooooo hammered that the cops pick you up, don’t call me. All I will do is go down to the jail and laugh at you.

Merry Christmas! :-)

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