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Jessica Simpson Flaunts, uh, Curves [pics]

Ok, so uh, my photo agency is saying that Jessica Simpson is flaunting her real woman body in these photos. Um, I don’t know if it’s the angle, or Jessica just being super relaxed, but she is looking a little more “curvy” than usual.

I’m just going to say it. It looks like she’s pregnant. Go on, hate me. But this outfit is NOT flattering. Not from ANY angle. At all!

I hope the denim fashion line she debuted last night is a little better than this.

Images via Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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  1. Wow. That doesn’t look curvy–and Jessica is giving TRULY curvy women a bad name (i.e. that curvy = FAT now). Sistergirl either gains all of her weight in her belly…OR she’s about 4 months pregnant. Or has some strange sort of goiter?

    ~ j

    • Giiiiirrrlll, that’s what I was thinking! I mean, i have a belly, but when I put on a dress, I wear spanx thankyouverymuch.

      • And she started dating Eric Johnson in May… so that gives us… oh look at that 5 months!