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Jessica calls Ashlee's bump "Cute"

ashlee simpson baby bump donuts la

It’s a fact of life, that a pregnant woman’s belly, will get bigger. It’s just the way it is. I’ve tried to change that, but I haven’t perfected my technique. And it’s also a fact that family, and friends, will talk about pregnant women as inanimate objects. They are no longer people, merely baby holders, waiting to pop.

Jessica Simpson recently went on The View and started talking about pregnant sister Ashlee Simpson.

“She sent me a picture of her belly,” sister Jessica recently said on The View. “She’s popping, it’s so cute!”

Cute? Not, my sister is beautiful. She’s glowing. No, the BUMP is CUTE! I think Jessica is in denial that her sister is married, and having a baby. That’s my 2 cents.

so there :P

Here’s some pics of the “CUTE” belly, getting donuts in LA.


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