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Jess won't bunk with troops

Blonde Ambition leaked online

Diva alert!!! I don’t know if she can afford to be so picky, but Jessica Simpson’s good will concert for the troops over in Kuwait is getting pretty expensive. MSNBC via TMZ is reporting that the one time reality TV member is demanding a very nice hotel instead of bunking up in a barracks.

“Jessica doesn’t sleep in tents or bunks the night before a concert,” says the source. “There’s no way [Papa] Joe [Simpson] will want The Pussycat Dolls … to upstage his daughter.”

Really? They’re not THAT bad. I mean, they’re not really nice, but they’re not bad either. But to blame the BARRACKS on being upstaged by the Pussycat Dolls is a load of pooh. There are a whole list of other reasons that she’ll be upstaged by PCD. Like, they’re hotter, and more popular right now.

It’s also reported that this whole trip will be costing a whole lotta cha-ching

As for the big bucks, MSNBC says that flying Jess and her entourage to the Middle East cost over $150k, and that Jess’ stylists will run more than $20k … per day. Her reps didn’t comment on who’s paying.

She can’t afford to be a diva…