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Jennifer Grey's Dancing With The Stars "These Arms Of Mine" VIDEO

These toned arms offfff miiiiiiinnneeee -BusyBeeBlogger

Last night was the first episode of this season’s Dancing With The Stars! After participating in Celebrity Dirty Laundry’s live chat for the East Coast, I knew there was only one dance this WEST Coaster had to see: Jennifer Grey dancing the Viennese Waltz with Derek Hough to “These Arms Of Mine”.

For those of you who aren’t 30 or older, there’s a chance you do not know what made Grey lose it during rehearsals. “These Arms Of Mine” is during a pivotal point of Dirty Dancing where Baby and Johnny are talking about what it’s like for him at the resort, and how he feels about her. (it’s good, go Netflix it)

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So, when it was revealed to Derek and Jennifer that they would be doing their first dance to THAT song, she dropped into tears. And so did I. It’s only been a year since Patrick Swayze passed away due to cancer. Jennifer explained why she started crying so hard in the hallway. She missed Patrick and seeing Derek as young and strong as he is, dancing to that song made her miss Patrick terribly (and me too).

While it think it was in poor taste for DWTS producers to choose THIS song right off the bat for Grey to dance to, it was a beautiful and touching performance by Jennifer AND Derek. He seemed to want to do it justice, just as she wanted to do well.

Check out the performance below. And if you don’t get a little misty, you need another cup of coffee.

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