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Jennifer Aniston Takes over Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jennifer Aniston took over Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where she was there to talk up her new movie, “Management” but she ended up talking about her club girl past.

“I did have that period.” Jennifer went on to describe her favorite outfit, which consisted of ripped tights, boots, a police hat and “maybe a bra”.

“No one should have let us go outside like that!”

Then she seemed to get a little distracted and started interviewing Jimmy from behind the desk, after going through all of his draws and question cards.

I’ve always wondered what’s back here,” she told Fallon. “I gotta tell you, I’m really comfortable here.”

Aniston then asked Fallon to fan her while she asked him a few questions.

“I’m going to pretend like I’m listening to you,” she joked. “But I’m reading the next question.”

Jimmy seemed to be a really good sport about it all, and he even realizes just how uncomfortable his chairs are for his guests. They even played a round of “grapefruit bowling”….

Lots of video after the jump!

Jennifer Ansiton interviews Jimmy for her new movie “Management”

Grapefruit Bowling

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