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Jennifer Aniston Starts Production Company

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Not one to just sit around and wait for things to happen, Jennifer Aniston with her friend Kristin Hahn have formed their own production company Echo Films. (Jennifer was previously a partner in Plan B films with ex husband Brad Pitt).

The twosome already have many films lined up!! Talk about not waiting around for things to happen!!! Most of the movies lined up are taken from books or true life stories. To read the rundown click here.

How exciting! I’d love to be behind the scenes more than in front of the camera. There just seems to be more interesting things to do.


From Variety:

Aniston and Hahn have already made several project acquisitions, most of which will be developed as star vehicles for Aniston.

The studio has just acquired screen rights to Jane Fallon’s British bestseller “Getting Rid of Matthew,” and Aniston and Hahn will produce with Lynda Obst and Marc Rosen. Fallon, a veteran U.K. TV producer who is married to Ricky Gervais, will adapt her novel about a hard-charging publicist whose lusty affair with a married man is ruined by his decision to leave his wife and two children for her. She invents a new persona, befriends the spurned wife and attempts to patch up the marriage up so she can be rid of him. In the process, she develops a thing for his oldest son.

Universal and Echo also have tapped the book market to acquire “The Divorce Party,” a Laura Dave novel that Viking will publish in May, with Gwyn Lurie (“The Man Who Ate the 747”) aboard to write the script. As a husband and wife reach their 35th wedding anniversary, they hold a party to announce their divorce. It creates complications for their son, who returns home with his commitment-shy fiancee.

Aniston and Hahn have made a script deal at U for “Counter-Clockwise,” a script by Paul Bernbaum (“Next”). It’s a true story based on a study conducted by Harvard prof and psychologist Ellen Langer in which she tried to reverse the aging process of subjects by re-creating the era of their prime. Aniston and Hahn will produce with Gina Mathews and Grant Scharbo. Echo has also has a U deal for “Love: Todd,” a Kristen Stavola-scripted drama about an aging tennis pro-turned-coach who gets schooled by a precocious teen tennis phenom. Aniston will produce with Hahn, but isn’t planning to act in the film.

The Echo partners have a deal at Overture for “Chemistry,” a David Sussman-scripted dramedy centered around the fact that romantic love and obsessive compulsive disorder demonstrate similar brain chemistry.

They have a DreamWorks deal on “The Goree Girls,” a fact-based adaptation of Skip Hollandsworth’s Texas Monthly article about a falsely convicted woman who gives purpose to her fellow Texas inmates by starting one of America’s first all-female bands. Aniston plans to star, and John Lee Hancock is rewriting a script by Margaret Nagle.