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Jennifer Aniston On Dating Gerard Butler

jennifer aniston gerard butler arrest

Jennifer Aniston was doing a live feed from where ever she is right now, to Good Day LA, a “morning show” out here in SoCal. Of course the only thing that anyone is interested in was if she was indeed, hooking up with co-star Gerard Butler. Jennifer and Gerard co-star in “The Bounty”, not “Love Happens” the movie she was promoting on Good Day LA which co-stars Aaron Eckhart.

Anyways, Aniston, who looked like she is so over answering THAT question, answered saying “No” but that Gerard was a great guy.

If you don’t live on the west coast, you may be missing out on the train wreck that is “Good Day LA”. For a short time I was able to watch this uh, morning show/b!tchfest, and I always wondered how these people were able to keep their jobs. Very snarky, unprofessional, but they used to do it with a smile. So very L.A.

Especially that Jillian Reynolds. (She’s the brunette in the video with her arms crossed and the sour puss) What happened to her?! For a while there she was fun and always seemed like she had too much coffee, in a good way, but NOW, good grief!

If you’ve ever watched the OTHER show she’s on House Husbands of Hollywood, you would see just what she’s like off set. Dear lord how does her husband Grant Reynolds put up with her attitude all day? They are constantly fighting on the HHH especially over how ENTITLED she thinks she is to everything.

SOoooo, what do you think about Jen and Gerard? Was there anything ever there? Or did they just get along on set?

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