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Jeff Goldblum DENIED Restraining Order Against Stalker

Oh this is just friggin great. Actor Jeff Goldblum has been DENIED a restraining order against his stalker (and no it’s not me). Linda Ransom, has been stalking Goldblum since 2001 but was recently INSTITUTIONALIZED since 2009. She is due to be released from her commitment any day now.

The judge hearing the case decided to refuse the request; he said Goldblum would have to wait for her to make a new threat before he could issue a restraining order. Ransom has been previously arrested five times for trespassing and stalking.

Goldblum had a prior restraining order against her but it expired while she was institutionalized. He was recently notified her release date was approaching and asked his lawyer to request an updated order. [popeater]

I really don’t understand why this should be an issue. The system KNOWS she has a history of stalking him, he has had an order against her in the past, why not grant one as a precaution? I’m sure his lawyer will be filing again very very soon.

Images via ROC/Fame Pictures