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Jeff Bridges' Secret to Acting: Ice Cream!


Actor, Jeff Bridges, has been getting an awful lot of Oscar buzz for his performance as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. If he wins, he’s going to have one name in particular to thank: Haagen Dazs. The actor went off the healthy wagon, and piled on the pounds for his new role as the hard living country singer.

“Normally I watch what I eat. I feel better when I’m in shape and not too overweight,” the star told PEOPLE at Sunday’s New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend. “When you’re playing a part like [this] … If you feel like a pint of Häagen-Dazs, you hammer the Häagen-Dazs.”

Hm, that sounds like my kind of movie prep. The only downside is knowing you have to lose all that weight when it’s all over. Ooof!

Images by Juan Rico/Fame Pictures