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JC Chasez denies romance with Chase Crawford

jc chasez chase crawford

On a radio interview on Wednesday, singer J.C. Chasez denied he and friend, Chase Crawford were anything more than friends.

“For the record, we’re both straight,” Chasez declared. “We’re not dating.”

Chasez — who called Crawford a “super nice guy” — said he understands why people may think they’re an item. The only time people usually see us together is in some type of photograph, so they just assume that it’s like that,” he said.

“If I’m dating a girl and I’m standing next to another girl, I’m having an affair,” Chasez went on.

“So now, since there hasn’t been any of that smoke out there, if I’m hanging out with a guy, they’re going to make up a rumor. It’s just stupid.”

And there you have it. It would be rather interesting if they were. It’s nice to have a good old fashioned bro-mance though. Just guys who like to hang with their friends. And do each other’s hair… and trade make up tips. having pillow fights