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January Jones Is Winning The Celeb Instagram Game

January Jones Smiles while holding a coke on instagram

Actress January Jones has really found a way to connect with fans, Instagram. has been telling you for a while now that the Mad Men actress has serious Instagram skills and that if you want a irreverent look at a celebrity’s life her’s is the one to follow. (Check her out at @JanuaryJones and I’m at @busybeeblogger)

The normally quiet and private star who once said she needed to keep some things for her memoir later in life, shows her followers what just may be going on behind her Betty Francis-Draper facade.

Other celebs post opulent gifts, or over the top vacations, January Jones is riding a child’s scooter and showing off her mullet.  WIN!

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This weekend, January completely won in the celebrity Instagram game not because she flashed what she bought from a shopping spree, or pictures from an expensive vacation, but because of this video:


The pure joy of riding around on a little kid’s scoot along, smiling from ear to ear, and while looking like she could be in any of our family videos, was the best thing I had seen on the internet in a long time. It was an honest moment of fun with a celebrity that did not feel over the top, or calculated, and that is as refreshing as an ice cold Coke on a hot day.

January often is self depreciating on her Instagram account, posting old photos of herself not looking great, and then using the best hashtags to describe just how she feels about them. Sometimes those posts are completely sad, and you cannot help but feel emotional for whatever is going on at the time.

The best thing about January’s social media, in this little Southern California pinup’s opinion, is that she rarely if ever puts up photos of her son Xander.  Her private life has almost always been private, and I applaud her effort on that. Instead of using her son for more attention, she holds his privacy as important.

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  1. Cute video, I love seeing the personal side of celebs. And kudos to her for not shopping out her son for publicity.

    • I totally, 100% am behind you on this. Too many sell their kids :(

  2. Like her style, she is adorable and takes great photos and videos!

  3. Such a cute video, January knows how to please fans!

  4. She definitely has come out with a more personal side to her. Love it.

  5. That vid of her on the kid’s scoot made me chuckle.