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Jake teased sister Maggie over Lingerie ads

maggie gyllenhaal Agent Provocateur

Last year, the Dark Knight star, Maggie Gyllenhaal lost the clothes for some gorgeous ads for Agent Provocateur. Nothing new for an actress right? Oh, and that was only 6 months after giving birth to her daughter Ramona, with fiance Peter Sarsgaard.

“I found myself, six months after having a baby, in my underwear, getting my picture taken. How did I get here?” Gyllenhaal, 30, tells USA Today.[via US] “It was like playing a character. They’re sexy, but they also have a little bit of irony in them. I love that.”

She says she was “a good 20 pounds heavier” after Ramona’s birth in 2006 — and the lingerie helped her feel sexy again.

“They make nursing bras, and I went right in there and bought three pairs of matching bras and underwear,” she says. “All of a sudden, to have a hot-pink something peeking out from my shirt a little bit — it made me feel so good.”

Well, it seems that you and I weren’t the only ones seeing those sexy sext ads of Maggie in her panties. Her BROTHER Jake Gyllenhaal called up his sister to tell her what he saw in the airport!

“My brother [Jake] called me and said, ‘I’m in Heathrow [airport in London], and there’s a 12-foot picture of you upside down in a negligee,'”

HAHA…. I don’t know ANYONE who would want to see their sister in her undies… let alone a 12 foot poster of her in the airport! I hope they have a good sense of humor about it all at least.

And as for how having baby Ramona has changed her acting…

“there are things I can’t do anymore. There was a movie that wanted to shoot off the coast of Tasmania, on an island that had no inhabitants, no store.

Her fiancé Peter Sarsgaard “was great,” Gyllenhaal said. “He said, ‘If you want to do it, we’ll figure it out; I’ll go with you and take care of her.’ I think it would be irresponsible. I can’t do that anymore. Your priorities shift.”

Good for her! She’s fabulous… and so sexy, even with those 20 lbs, that I can’t see. She’s gonna rock the new Batman movie.


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