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Jackie's Response!!!

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I KNEW Jackie would give her side of this drama!

From Jackie Warner’s MYSPACE and BravoTV

Last nights episode-to clear up a couple of things. I did not make a derogatory remark about Brian Peelers client on camera or off-camera. The only reason he tried to bring it up to me on camera is to villainise me and set me up for something I didn’t do. Lisa did not know this woman had cancer and made a comment about her breasts which she apologized for. I have dealt with cancer personally as well as watched my mother struggle with it so I am very sensitive about this disease. I have been employed in the past and in a million years would not have behaved the way Brian behaved with me. I can’t imagine raising my voice or refusing to leave my boss’ office when asked politely to do so. I feel totally justified in firing him. I have always personally disliked him but was forced to continue to employ him because he was chosen by the producers for the show. Please remember that this is a show and that 90% of the beautiful and inspiring work we did was left on the cutting room floor. The producers decided (regretably) to create through editing a very different and what I think a very negative show. This season is not in any way a reflection of what I or SkySport represents. I have spent a great part of my life trying to heal and am just as floored as you, the viewers, by the negative editing.

On a lighter note, I thought Erica looked beautiful during her shoot and it was a great self-esteem builder. Gregg B and Deenie are just not fitting! SkyLab is challenging and getting off to a rocky start but some powerful changes are yet to come.

Thank you-Jackie Warner

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