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J-Lo to do Malibu Triathlon

jennifer lopez triathlon training

Ug, you’ve got to be kidding me. STAY HOME JENNIFER LOPEZ! The diva diva recently announced that she will be part of this year’s Malibu Triathlon (see pics of last year’s race here) Really? She’s gonna sweat? On purpose?

I guess she came up with the idea when she’s was 8 months pregnant watching another tri on the TV. Of course, being the philanthropist that she is, J-Lo will be doing this for charity… The Please-Let-Jennifer-Lopez-Remain-Relevant-And-In-The-Public-Eye fund. ;-) No no, it’s for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. She told GMA

“It came up when I was eight months pregnant, when I was beached like a whale. I was watching TV, and I saw a triathlon and I said, ‘I think I could do that.’ … Maybe we could raise some money and do something really great.”

You know who’s the real star of this story? Everyone else who is doing the Malibu Triathlon. Like my friend Sarah. It costs A LOT OF MONEY to enter this one, and she’s gonna kick J-Lo’s HUGE ASS! She doesn’t know it, but I will buy her a bottle of champaigne if she smacks J-Lo on the butt when she passes her. because she will. Of course, Sarah’s going to have to get through security first, but if she tells them she’s gonna hit that booty, I’m sure they’d understand.